Our practice has proven that the artistic methods we use are extremely effective and widely applicable in the creation of private and corporate events and experiences. We combine the means of expression of different arts, involve all the senses and encourage authentic communication by creating exciting and attractive activities.

For your company

  • Art installations
  • Performances
  • Sensory marketing
  • Team building programs
  • Trainings
  • Facilitated processes
  • Individual offers

For private events and informal groups

  • Unique thematic experiences
  • Retreats
  • Creative events
  • Trainings for development of personal potential

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⸺ Team building programs

We create our team building programs with special attitude and attention to the client’s needs. We use methods and techniques from sensory, interactive and immersive theater. We have ready-made programs that could be adapted to the company and the team but we also prepare fully customized events.

To increase engagement and motivation, we include plot games, creative processes, gamifications, as well as storytelling.

Some of our programs are aimed at developing qualities and skills in a fun and light way, combining what’s useful with what’s pleasant. We apply the methodology of “learning by experience” and the toolkit of role-playing games.

We work with experienced trainers and facilitators, experts in group dynamics and team processes.

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    ⸺ Experiences for couples

    Exciting and personal experiences, created specifically for the needs of the couples, that encourage different ways of communication in the couple, as well as sharing and giving conscious attention to each other. The participants go through the different languages of love in order to rediscover and reapproach themselves and to find a new unexpected way of having fun.

    Online and in person. The creation of a fully customized event is possible.

    Make an inquiry and get more information:

    Tel +359 98 883 3214
    Email info@innertheatercompany.com