Does freedom have a map? Where’s freedom on the map? Who deals the cards of freedom? Is freedom on the map? Are there any answers in the sea of questions and can we swim without a life belt? We look for the answers to all these questions as we draw the audience in an experience that impacts all senses.

The performance is the result of the intensive creative workshop “Cartography of freedom”, dedicated to disputing the idea of freedom and the possible/impossible freedom spaces – internal and external, intimate and public.

The premiere was in June 2023 in the city of Burgas, Cultural Centre “Sea Casino”.

Leader of the creative process / Gabriela Petrova
Assistant / Ana Valcheva
Stage designer / Velichka Djambazova
Photographer / Maria Baicheva
Graphic design / Sasha Hadjieva
Starring /// Ana Valcheva, Biljana Georgieva, Bozhana Slavkova, Velichka Djambazova, Gabriela Petrova, Evelina Kokoranova, Elena Sanina, Elitsa Pavlova, Oksana Glazunova, Rumen Pavlov, Simona Slavkova, Sonya Mitova.

The performance was accomplished with the support of Cultural Centre “Sea Casino”, Culture-tourist centre “Chengene skele”, Association “DANCE BG”, The National Academy of Art – the affiliate in Burgas, Bulgarian foundation “Biodiversity” and with media coverage by WebGround/

“Cartography of freedom” was accomplished with the financial support of the National Culture Fund and the projects “Validation and development” and “Program for reconstruction and development of private culture organizations” 2022.