The performance combines elements of sensory and interactive theater and explores the fabric of inner freedom by placing the audience in different situations while provoking their emotions and perceptions.

As the shadows whisper, the layers of time unfold in front of the closed eyes.

Premiered in December 2022 in Atelier Plastelin, Sofia.

Authors and performers/// Ana Valcheva, Gabriela Petrova, Milena Stanoyevich, Sasha Hadjieva
Facilitator creative process and approach / Milena Stanojevic
Idea and concept / Ana Valcheva and Gabriela Petrova
Cover design / Sasha Hadjieva
Photo and video shooting / Yassen Nikolov



The project is accomplished with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, program “Creative scholarships” 2022. In cooperation with Atelier Plastelin.