“Visiting the Self” is the first chapter in a sensory novel of a kind. Each chapter of the story takes place in a different place and at a different time but they are all created from the stories of the city and the Self – explored and experienced, heard on the street or roaming around the city spaces. The audience is visiting an unusual place where they create their own story in a series of individual interactions.

Premiered in March 2016, Sofia.
A “Panopticum” project in collaboration with Inner Theater Company.

Leaders of the creative process / Gabriela Petrova and the performance team
Photographer / Mihaela Aroyo
Starring /// Ana Valcheva, Viktor Antonov, Gabriela Petrova, Dragomir Padeshki, Elian Arroyo, Ioan Tsenkov, Iliya Damyanov, Kristina Denkova, Nevena Dencheva and Sasha Hadjieva.

With the support of:

  • Boris 96
  • Time&Wine
  • Mandala Center for Total Transformation - “Yogamandala”
  • Sun & Moon / www.sunmoon.bg
  • STOA - www.stoa.net
  • ACMB / Association of Cultural Managers in Bulgaria
  • Natural Soaps / Freen www.freen.bg