We never stop exploring and looking for new opportunities. We improve and constantly challenge ourselves. We pass on our knowledge and use the power of art to unlock personal potential. We conduct trainings, residencies, laboratories, creative processes and discussions.

⸺ Trainings and discussions

Tangible creative paths

※ Workshop for immersive and sensory theater approaches.

Symbioses – theater in digital and physical environment

※ International online discussion.

Theater for digital environment

※ International online discussion.

Theater in the time of pandemics

※ International online discussion.

Labyrinth in Boeritsa

※ Sensory labyrinth-theater workshop.

Sensory Labyrinth Theater

※ Workshop on sensory labyrinth theater for professional artists and amateurs.

Beyond the fourth wall

※ Sensory and interactive theater training by students for students.

Sensory metamorphoses

※ Sensory theater workshop.

⸺ Creative processes

Cartography of freedom – Burgas, 2023

※ Interactive site-specific theater workshop.

Cartography of freedom – Sofia, 2022

※ Interactive site-specific theater workshop.


※ Sensory theater workshop.

⸺ Residencies and laboratories

Labyrinths of mind

※ Creative residency.

Sculpting the invisible

※ International online laboratory for immersive and sensory theater in a digital environment.