“Opportunely” is a hybrid performance. It is partly constructed as a sensory labyrinth theater performance, partly conceived as an interactive exhibition – a series of short artistic sketches, movement interactions, installations and visual works on “time”. A springboard of a kind, for achieving our own time or timelessness or at least for creasing a bit the time folds…

The performance was created in October 2016 for the “9th Youth Fair” in Youth theater “Nikolai Binev”, Sofia.

Leader of creative process / Sasha Hadjieva
Co-leader / Gabriela Petrova
Music and sound environment / Mihail Stoyanov
Visual environment / Alexander Petrov and Ioan Tsenkov
Costumes / Viktor Antonov
Photographer / Philip Mihaylov
Starring /// Alexander Petrov, Ana Valcheva, Viktor Antonov, Gabriela Petrova, Dragomir Padeshki, Elian Arroyo, Ioan Tsenkov, Kristina Todorova, Nevena Dencheva, Sasha Krustarska and Sasha Hajiyeva.