A journey through the five elements and the five senses, leading into the labyrinth of emotions. Step by step the audience enters a fairy tale that confronts them with the question of who/what is the sixth element.

Conceived as an installation, open to visitors throughout the whole festival and functioning as a place for rest, contemplation and immersion in a magical world. At specific hours the presence of the artists “revives” the space and transforms it into a performance – a labyrinth.

Created in August 2016 for “Udaya Live” – a festival for yoga and music in Borovets.

Leader of the creative process / Gabriela Petrova
Invited by / Boryana ELFreya
Photographer / Philip Mihaylov
Starring /// Ana Valcheva, Viktor Antonov, Gabriela Petrova, Dragomir Padeshki, Ivan LGI, Kristina Denkova, Milena Stanojevic.