Can freedom be mapped?

Can freedom be mapped?

“Cartography of freedom” is a project started by Gabriela Petrova in 2022 that keeps on developing in time.

Its long-term purpose is to map in a way the spaces of freedom in different cities – internal and external, intimate and public spaces.

We travel, we explore, we find inspiring places and…

We conduct an intensive creative process with local artists during which we examine and liven up key urban locations through the prism of the possible/impossible freedom. We are inspired by the concept that is laid down in Erich Fromm’s book “Escape from freedom” (later published as “The Fear of freedom”) about the existence of two types of freedom: “freedom from” and “freedom to”. We don’t offer ready-made answers but questions and we aim to open a space for disputes and discussions with the artists and the audience.

New city, new team, new questions, new points of view…

Each edition introduces the participants to specific aspects of the methodology of sensory, immersive and site-specific theater and is different, depending on the context of the place where it takes place.

During this process we create performance-installations that involve the audience through some sort of experience in the subject which is both timeless and painfully entwined in the current state of things.

Until now, “Cartography of freedom” had performances in Sofia and Burgas. You can find more information about each of the events in the “Training and Development” section.