December 2021 in Plovdiv.
Co-production with “Sensory Labyrinth Theater – Periscope”.

The performance is the result of a one-week workshop for sensory and interactive theater.

The performance explores the concept of “koan” that comes from Zen Buddhism. A koan is usually a question, an unanswered mental riddle (for example: “Who am I?”) that is repeated many times by the person so that their mind can get lost in the search for answers. This question shows the person that mental activity is incapable of providing them with an entirely satisfactory answer. The purpose of the koan is to deplete the analytical and egoistic mind in order to reveal the more intuitive no-mind.

Leading the creative process / Gabriela Petrova, Petar Petrov and Ana Valcheva
Designer, set and costume designer / Velichka Djambazova
Set designer / Velichka Djambazova
Starring /// Ana Valcheva, Gabriela Petrova, Martina Veleva, Margarita Pirgova, Petar Petrov and artists from Plovdiv, participants in the workshop.


  • Metanoia
  • "Wake Up" Festival

The project is accomplished with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, program “Creative initiatives” 2021.