“Unusually closer” involves the audience as an active participant. The performance’s focus is on what connects us beyond our prejudices, our ideas and definitions for each other. It is targeted at different audiences and communities and places them in а situation where they become co-creators of the possible and unusual poetics of closeness.

Premiered in 2020 in Derida Dance Center, Sofia.

Author and performer / Milena Stanojevic
Photographers / Ivan Donchev, Philip Mihaylov, Maria Baicheva.

The performance was premiered in Derida Dance Center and played a couple of times there (2020/2021), then it was presented in Zaimov Park, Sofia (2021), in the village of Dobralak, Kuklen municipality, as part of the project “Art in the open”, invited by “Open Spaces” Association and in the Centre for contemporary art and library, Burgas, in May 2023, as an Inner Theater Company project.


The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture”.